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German Political Representation Research Papers

Paper Masters has many political science writers that can assist you with your project on any country's political structure. Germany provides a particularly interesting dichotomy of new and old school political party representation. Have Paper Masters custom write your research paper on German political representation.

According to a German political representation research paper, Germany’s system of political representation is very unusual in that it is based on a semi-proportional representation electoral system. As further explained by a German political representation research paper, Germany’s electoral system is proportioned in its results, though not in the mechanics by which it operated.  Using a proportional representation system, one-half of Germany’s parliamentary seats are divided according to the portion of the votes won by each party and the other half are distributed on the basis of a “winner takes all” system.  Within this system, more parties are represented in Germany’s parliamentary and thus more voices are heard in policy decision making efforts. Thus, such a system is thought to be more inclusive and representative of the voices of the people.

German Political Representation

One German political representation research paper has provided an analysis of the party system under Germany’s system of political representation.

  • Parties are tightly structured, hierarchical organizations and have card-carrying members.
  • Candidates for public office are named by the parties at the state and local level.
  • Parties are financed through member dues as well as investments, donations and public grants.

One of the benefits of this type of system is that candidates do not have to be rich to run for office as it is the parties responsibility to finance the candidates campaign.

As further explained by a German political representation research paper, another very interesting aspect to Germany’s system of political representation is the enactment of what is known as the five percent clause which bars a party from representation if it fails to win fiver percent of the votes.  Votes won by parties that fail to get five percent of the vote are reapportioned to the larger parties according to their percentage of the total.

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