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George W. Bush Research Papers

This is research paper on President George W. Bush. His terms as president of the United States of America will be examined. Custom political science research papers are Paper Masters best projects.

Research paper on the Presidential era of George W. Bush.  Both the positive and negative parts on his presidency should be discussed. George W. Bush You may want to focus on the following:

  • How will Bush go down in history?
  • What did he accomplish while in office?
  • Was his war in Iraq validated?
  • What long term affects will his presidency have on the world?

Criticism of Bush

George Bush has also been criticized for his lack of speaking ability, and often sees impromptu Q&A sessions as attempts of the press to trip him up. While these are more personal flaws, they have further impacted his ability to communicate his policy and agenda with the public.  

A George W. Bush research paper rightly illustrates that President Bush is far from compassionate (at least the generally accepted meaning of compassion which Conason equates with “caring” for those less fortunate) in his political motives and agenda. He points out that the heart of the matter is Bush’s attempt to soften the meaning of conservatism and gain voters in segments of the population that may react poorly to his Christian agenda and his lethal tax initiatives.    

Bush's Agenda

A George W. Bush research paper also adequately introduces the fact that Bush attempted to lure the American public into his agenda by utilizing the word conservative. It certainly can be said that Americans hunger for a conservative viewpoint. Note the excellent ratings of conservative talk shows and the exceptional sales figures for conservative books. Many conservatives insist that the media is biased toward the political Left and that President Bush and his administration are treated unfairly in the newspapers. Those on the political Left maintain with equal vehemence that the mainstream media is biased toward the Right and is hesitant to challenge administration policies. In all fairness, A George W. Bush research paper may fail to mention the fact that during his tenure as governor (January 1995-January 2001), George W. Bush pursued a number of policy objectives that appealed to his essentially conservative constituency. These included tort reform, right to life legislation, and limitations on affirmative action in school admissions. This clearly illustrates the Bush agenda and would have served well to call to mind the kind of conservative Bush truly is.  

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