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Research Papers on George in A Raisin in the Sun

Research papers on the character of George in A Raisin in the Sun look at the novel from George's perspective. Character sketches can be ordered on any literary figure in A Raisin in the Sun or on any novel you need examined for an American Literature course.

In A Raisin in the Sun, George symbolizes the epitome of a black man that has fully assimilated into the white mainstream. He is what Berneathea calls an "assimilationist Negro,". George comes off to be very arrogant and flamboyant person, even down to his white shoes. His behavior of denigrating members of his own race reveals his insecurity and inability as a black man in America.

George in a Raisin in the Sun

Conflicted George

George presents himself as haughty and conflicted. He is not one who is interested in his own African heritage, When Berneatha mentions culture, George nastileey replies;
Oh dear,dear,dear,! Here we go! A lecture on the African past! On our great West African Heritage! In one second we will hear about the great Ashanti empires; the great Songhay civilizations; and the great sculpture of Benin-and the whole monologue will end the word heritage! (Nastily) Let's face it baby, your heritage is nothing but a bunch of raggedy-assed spirituals and some grass huts!"

George and Race

George completely detaches himself from his race and community with his materialistic attitude and his educational supremacy in the following instances:

  1. When Ruth asks George what time is the show, he doesn't simply just answer with the time. Since he is so narrowly concerned with scholarly matters he replies, "It's an eight thirty curtain. That's just Chicago, though. In New York standard curtain is eight forty".
  2. This prideful attitude is also evident when George calls Walter "Prometheus". George is cognizant of Walter's limited education and is aware that Walter wouldn't know who Prometheus was. It's an insult to Walter's intelligence, and unfortunately George's education creates a barrier between him and his community (African Americans).

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