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George Orwell’s 1984

Paper Masters can write a custom paper on George Orwell’s 1984 from scratch. This is a sample introduction.

1984 is one of writer George Orwell’s most well known works and was published in 1949. The novel is a dystopian science fiction work. Through the years the novel has been viewed as a classic and in 2005, TIME magazine picked it as one of the best novels written between the years 1923 – 2005.

According to the SOS, the novel takes place in Oceania that was established after a global war. It takes place in a city called Airstrip One, which is located where London once stood. The population is divided into the following three different classes:

  1. The Inner Party who are the elite running the county
  2. The Outer Party which is equivalent to the middle class
  3. Proles which is the lower class and make up a huge majority of the population.
George Orwell’s 1984

Orwell’s Characters

The novel focuses on the main character Winston Smith who is a member of the Outer Party. Winston is confined to a one-room apartment. He decides to write a journal to help pass his time. If discovered by “Big Brother”, his writing could be punished by death. He must be careful because of the government’s ability to spy on all citizens.

One day Winston is passed a note from a woman that he loathes. It simply read I LOVE YOU. The woman is Julia and Winston’s feelings toward her change once he reads the message. With similar political views, Winston and Julia begin an affair, which they believe is secret but is known by the Thought Police because of their spying ability.


1984's Plot Thickens

Julia and Winston are arrested by the Thought Police, beaten, and interrogated. Winston is also tortured by electroshock. Winston is forced to confess all his crimes and implicate anyone else he knows has committed a crime including Julia. Winston still loves Julia even though they are no longer together and he betrayed her. The two run into each other and both admit to betraying each other.

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