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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Research Papers

Research papers on Hegel discuss the philosopher and his philosophical ideas. Paper Masters' writers will help you understand some of Hegel's most complex ideas and writings.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a German philosopher and one of the leading figures in the school of idealism. Many of Hegel’s ideas were instrumental in laying the groundwork for later German philosophy, including Marxism. Hegel is principally remembered for his concept of absolute idealism, which states that being is an all-inclusive whole. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Friedrich Hegel

Hegel was born in Stuttgart, and studied at a Protestant seminary, where he studied philosophy, especially Rousseau. In 1801, Hegel became an Extraordinary Professor at the University in Jena. Hegel was deeply involved in writing his first book, Phenomenology of Sp`irit, just as Napoleon’s troops invaded the city. Between 1816 and 1831 he held a number of positions at various universities throughout Germany, including Heidelberg and Berlin. It was at the age of 60 that he was appointed rector of the University of Berlin. The following year Prussian king Frederich Wilhelm II decorated Hegel for his service to the Prussian state. He died shortly afterwards in a cholera epidemic.

During his life, Hegel published four books:

  • Phenomenology of Spirit
  • Science of Logic
  • Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences
  • Elements of the Philosophy of Right

His work would have profound impact not just on German philosophy, but all of philosophy, influencing Marx, Engels, and Kierkegaard, among other thinkers.

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