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Singapore research papers examine the city/state from any perspective you need. Since Paper Masters custom writes all our research papers, you can have a project written on Singapore's economy, place in the international market, Singapore's cultural relevancy or any other aspect.

Singapore is less of a nation and more of a city/state.It became an independent entity on August 9, 1965 from the nation of Malaysia. Located at the narrow point of the Strait of Malacca at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Clearly, the size of the nation is limited as a matter of geography. Singapore's land area in 1988 was about 244 square miles or 636 square kilometers.It consists of one main island with 58 smaller ones. The main island is 26 miles or 42 kilometers long and 14 miles or 23 kilometers wide. Fortunately, the island is made up of rolling hills so it can make the best us of the land it has. To expand the island's potential there are ongoing reclamation and landfill programs along the coastline.

The 1989 population was about 2,674,362. With a low birth and death rate, Singapore actually reached a negative population growth rate in the 1980s. Singapore is a city/state made up of a diverse national and ethnic mix. The city/tate is made up of:

  1. Chinese at over 75%
  2. 15% Malay
  3. Indians and other national/ethnic background represent the remaining balance of the population

Though there are four official languages, English predominates due to the fact it was once a British colony. There is a large resident aliens who hold both the top and lower end of the economic scale. Those from developed countries provide skilled management and other professional services while unskilled laborers frequently come from neighboring countries.

The Singapore with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over $84.6 billion covers a broad range with manufacturing contributing the largest portion. Financial and business services is next, followed by commerce and transportation and other services in their portion of the economic activity. Much of the economy is exported oriented with a large government role. The Singapore economy is dependent upon international trade, the sale of services and exporting manufactured goods. As an economy, Singapore has experienced consistent high growth, with a balance of payments in its favor, large foreign investment, large foreign reserves and minimal foreign debt.

The open, free-market economy of the city-state of Singapore has attracted investment from some of the world's largest corporations. Tax and financial incentives to businesses and other favorable government policies have promoted continued economic expansion. The government plays a fairly active role in the economy through various statutory boards and by participating in joint ventures with multinationals. To encourage a greater sense of enterprise, however, the government has recently embarked on a privatization program of considerable magnitude.

Singapore has the third highest per capita GDP in the Pacific Rim, behind Japan and Australia. It is one of the world's biggest oil refiners and is home to hundreds of multinational manufacturers. Political stability has enabled Singapore to become a high-technology center with on of the highest living standards in Asia. Singapore's status as a financial center enhances its role in regional business strategies and points to an active future in the Far East region. The thriving economy of Singapore is well served by its strategic geographic location in Asia, and the prosperity has occurred despite its sizes and lack on natural resource.

Labor-intensive industries, the vanguard of Singapore's industrialization program in the 1960s and 1970s, have been phased out and replaced by high-technology industries. The manufacturing industry remains the largest employer of Singaporeans. The literacy rate of the workforce, 93%, is one of the highest in Asia.

Over the past 30 years, the Republic of Singapore has developed into a thriving newly industrialized country whose people enjoy one of the highest standards of living in Asia. As the busiest port in the world, as measured by tonnage moved, Singapore has continued to expand its entrepot trade in electronics, petroleum refining and petrochemicals, machinery, shipbuilding and ship repair. As an nation dependent upon trade, electronics, machinery and refined petroleum are exported while machinery and electronic components, chemical, fuels and food are import with the major trading partners being the United States, Japan, Malaysia and the European Community.

International banks, insurance companies, professional consultancy firms, traders and ship operators are integral part of Singapore's business environment. The republic is a leading financial center with a strong and stable currency, no exchange-control restrictions, low inflation and low interest rates. Singapore has designated its Economic Development Board (EDB), which will be discuss in more detail later, as the agency responsible for attracting international services corporations to set up business endeavors in Singapore.

As has been suggested, government takes a very proactive role in Singapore's economy. The government is based on a parliamentary model, with a ceremonial president as head of state and the actual day-to-day operation of the government being done by the prime minister and cabinet representing the majority party in the unicameral parliament. The People's Action Party (PAP) is the majority party, having held power since 1959. The primary goals of the Singapore government have been to provide continuity, order and predictability. Policies have been designed to stress economic development, government management of the economy and society. In bringing this goal about there is little government toleration for violations of the laws or for dissent.

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Singapore research papers discuss the city/state and the geography of the nation once occupied by Malaysia. Since Paper Masters custom writes all our research papers, you can have a project written on Singapore's economy, place in the international market, Singapore's cultural relevancy or any other aspect.

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