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Islamic Caliphate

Islamic Caliphate

The Islamic Caliphate is a major issue today, as several Muslim groups would like to see the return of the Caliph as a central figure in the Muslim religion. Paper Masters can custom write you a research paper on the Islamic Caliphate and explain the importance of the concept clearly for you.

An Islamic Caliphate is a nation state, comprised of all Muslims, led by a direct successor to the Prophet Mohammad, a caliph. The reestablishment of a Caliphate has been a goal of many Muslims, as some see it as a central tenet to their faith. In 2014, the terrorist group ISIS proclaimed the Caliphate in territory that they controlled in Iraq and Syria.

The Prophet Mohammad established his capital in the city of Medina. The succession of caliphs is as follows:

  1. Following Mohammad's death, Abu Bakr Siddique became the caliph.
  2. From 632 to 661, the Rahsidun Caliphate spread out from the Arabian Peninsula to encompass Persia and parts of North Africa.
  3. The position of caliph soon became hereditary, and it was during the Umayyad Caliphate (661-750) that Islam reached across all of North Africa and into Spain in the East and westward to Pakistan.
  4. In 750, the Abbasids, based in Baghdad, overthrew the Umayyad, creating a line of caliphs that lasted for three centuries and created the Islamic Golden Age.
  5. The last group to officially claim to rule the Caliphate was the Ottoman Turks, whose empire lasted from 1453 to 1924.
  6. In 1924, Kemal Ataturk abolished the Caliphate, creating the secular Republic of Turkey.

Since then, the dream of reestablishing a religious caliphate for all Muslims has waxed and waned among Islamic groups. Terrorist groups such as al-Qaida and ISIS have hijacked the idea of a caliphate as part of their campaign against the West.

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Islamic Caliphate Research Papers

Islamic Caliphate research papers look into a nation state, comprised of all Muslims, led by a direct successor to the Prophet Mohammad.

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