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Genital Stage

Below is a sample introduction for a research paper on the genial stage.

The genital stage is Freud’s final stage in his psychosexual development theory. Like all the other stages in psychosexual development theory, this stage is defined sexual developments specific to certain age categories. These categories are as follows:

  1. Oral stage
  2. Anal stage
  3. Phallic stage
  4. Latency stage
  5. Genital stage
Genital Stage

Genital Stage and Sexual Activity

The genital stage begins at the onset of puberty when human sexual urges begin. Heterosexual adults look to the opposite sex to help fulfill these urges. They receive pleasure when their opposite sex partner physically stimulates their genitals during sexual activity.

According to Sigmund Freud, children who did not successfully go through all the other stages of psychosexual development, or became fixated during a particular stage, will have a greater difficulty with opposite sex relationships in the future. If all stages have been successfully completed, an individual should be able to have well-developed, caring relationships with people of the opposite sex.

Genital Stage

Goal of the Genital Stage

The genital stage begins at puberty and lasts all of the remaining human life span. The goal of the genital stage is the seeking of sexual pleasure from opposite sex partners. In the phallic stage of development, individuals may experience sexual thoughts and urges that are directed toward parental figures. In the genital stage, these urges are now directed toward partners of the opposite sex who are similar in age.

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