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General Howe

George Howe was born to Emanuel Howe, 2nd Viscount Howe who was the Governor of Barbados. His mother was Mary Sophia von Kielmansegg. His mother was the niece of King George I. He had ten other siblings including most notably his brothers Richard Howe, Earl Howe, and William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe.

In 1745, William began his military career by joining the army as an Ensign of the 1st Foot Guards. He served during the War of the Austrian Succession. After the conclusion of the war he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on General Howe that follows your guidelines.


General Howe

General Howe Makes Changes

In 1758, General Howe worked with General James Ambercrobie’s army to help prepare them to fight at Ticonderoga. General Howe is known for changing the army into a light infantry. In order to do this he changed Amercrobie’s armies’ in the following way:

  • Uniforms - making them shorter and less ornate.
  • He made changes to the hats and men began wearing wool leggings.
  • He required the men to cut their hair short.
  • He pushed for the army to get rid of excesses including equipment and extra clothing.
  • He wanted to make himself an example for the men so he followed his own regulations cutting his hair short and wearing only necessary clothing.
  • He also worked with the army to improve their fighting tactics.
  • He learned from Major Robert Rogers tactics that he passed on to Amercrobie’s men.
  • He worked wit the army on marching, formations, and fighting in wooded areas.

General Howe Promoted

In February of 1757, Howe was promoted to Colonel of the 3rd Battalion of the 60th Foot, but was soon transferred to the 55th Regiment of Foot. In December he became a Brigadier Genera against the colonial army.

In 1758, General Abercrobmie’s men attached at Ticonderoga. England’s Prime Minister had wanted Howe to lead the attack, but because of Abercrobmie’s contacts he lead the attack. Howe died in a skirmish with a French detachment.

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