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Gene Therapy Research Papers

A Gene Therapy Research Paper should be written as if it were for a science or human anatomy class but spelling, punctuation, and the elements of writing research are all still very important. In your research, be sure to only take information from valid academic sources. Be sure to state the Biology of the controversy of gene therapy and explore the various types of gene therapy that are being proposed and are actually in use today. Explore the pros and the cons of each of the therapies used or proposed. If you need assistance with your research paper on gene therapy, have the writers at Paper Masters custom write your research project for you!

For almost the last two decades, gene therapy has ignited enthusiastic interest among scientists as a potential means to cure some of our most deadly diseases, such as cancer and AIDS. However, this technique, in which genetic material is transferred into a host cell with the intention of altering the host’s DNA in a favorable manner, has been steeped in controversy since its beginnings. Gene TherapySome scientists view gene therapy in a positive light, citing the advantages of the potential for a permanent cure, the ability to treat a wide range of diseases, and the ability to inhibit the effects of disease promoting proteins. On the other hand, disadvantages to the technology do exist.  These include risk for cancer, undesired immune responses, and the inadvertent infection of non-target cells with viral vectors.

Gene therapy refers to the delivery of genetic information, called a transgene, to a cell or tissue. This transgene works by one of three mechanisms. First, it can replace a missing or mutated gene with a new and working copy.  Second, it can be used to increase or decrease the production of gene products, or proteins, made by fully functional genes. Finally, the transgene can act as a “suicide gene” in which they have the ability to kill the cells into which they are integrated. An example of this would be transgenes transferred to cancer cells.

Suggestion for Organizing Your Research on Gene Therapy

Your paper needs to include the following elements in order to have form and structure:

The first paragraph must contain a thesis statement.

  1. This paragraph should also include three pro points about gene therapy
  2. Three cons points about gene therapy
  3. A clear thesis that synthesizes the position you are taking regarding your pro and cons

The pro and con issues regarding gene therapy should be outlined in the body of the paper, since this is an informational paper.

  1. One or two paragraphs elaborating on each of the six points.
    1. Is this topic a controversial issue among Biologists today?
    2. This is neither a sociology nor a psychology paper. What is the Biology of this issue?
    3. A good source of these topics is to go to the Search Engine, Google, and do a word search for "Controversial Topics in gene therapy."

    The purpose of Gene Therapy Research Paper is to give you practice in focusing your ideas, expressing them clearly, and supporting them with logical arguments.

    1. Please explain the Biology of the issue.
    2. What Biological techniques are involved?
    3. A conclusion that supports the introductory paragraph.


At least three references for Gene Therapy Research Paper, one of which has to be listed in your bibliography as being from Ebscohost, to use as an annotated bibliography. They are usually out of date by the time that they get published. Please do not use footnotes, your annotated bibliographies will serve the same purpose. Please use the standard APA form to produce a bibliography. Then underneath each reference citing, please write two or three sentences stating why this reference was important to the production of your paper.

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