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Gender Stereotypes Research

Sociology research papers often study gender stereotyping because it is prolific in society, even today. Paper Masters custom writes all research papers on stereotypes and gender.

Gender, a part of sexuality, is a social construction, where appropriate behaviors for individuals based on their physical sex. As a result, many gender stereotypes arise in society, often perpetuated through learning at a very young age. Most sociologists maintain that children learn gender stereotypes from adults, especially parents. Gender stereotypes are simplistic generalizations, often unconsciously applied by individuals.

Gender Stereotypes

Traditional Gender Stereotypes

Traditional gender stereotypes of women include such notions as:

  • Women aren't very good at Math
  • Women are designed best to marry and raise children
  • Women are weaker emotionally than men

Such assumptions can lead to both sexism and discrimination in society. On the other hand, traditional male stereotypes included:

  • Men are meant to be breadwinners
  • Men are more competitive than women
  • Men should be the initiator of sexual advances

Implicit gender stereotypes are unconscious attitudes that have the ability to influence behavior. Studies have shown, for example, that American school children as young a second grade often hold to the stereotype that girls are not as good in math as boys. As a result, girls who implicitly hold this stereotype will have more negative attitudes towards math and will do worse in the subject. Women who are raised in families where traditional gender stereotypes are perpetuated frequently do not pursue higher education.

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