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Gender Segregation

In America it seems equality has taken a back seat to the personal values of business owners, and this is shown in the staggering number of discrimination cases annually that pour through our court system. What role does gender segregation play in the inequality that is found in the American workforce? The avenues to hate are wide and paved, and equality though notable in its aptitude to bring harmony to the poor, and discriminated against, is losing its battle. How does gender segregation in children’s play factor into the future for discrimination down the road?

Gender Segregation

In order for a diplomatic change to occur in the work force for sexual discrimination an analysis of gender segregation in society must be performed. The ideals of women must be considered, dissected and the reasons of why women choose to be workers must be rationalized. Along this line of thought, the preconceived notions of woman as ‘Other’ as less than being human, as subordinate to man, must also be given due consideration. A view of women’s roles in society needs to be perused:

  • How do girls conform
  • Why women are seen as inferior workers
  • Why women are being viewed, gazed at, becoming an ornament

And this type of thought is expressed through the countless plastic surgeries women willingly expose themselves to. Anne Koedt succinctly expresses this aggravation of the conscious women through these words, “[...] that not even in her one role allowed in a male society - the role of a woman - is she successful. She is put on the defensive, with phony data as evidence that she is forced to try to be even more feminine, think more feminine, and reject her envy of men. That is, shuffle even harder, baby.”

Women, even today, are not seen as human beings, they are the ‘nonentities’. As a nonentity, ‘today’s woman’ is emphasizing this role through unnecessary surgery, or surgery they didn’t realize they were being subjected to. Now, not only are women spending thousands of dollars on accessories, but also on the upkeep of plastic surgery, just because society is unsure about how a certain gender thinks a female should act, look, walk, talk, and feel. But now, women have to worry about what they weigh as well. Forget that our weight may be considered ‘healthy’ it is still a far cry from the utopia of the Barbie mold. All of this transformation adds up to restraint. Restraining our normal bodies (selves) in order to achieve a more accepted normalcy.

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