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Gender Bias

Gender bias is a phrase that is often thrown around, but what is it? Gender is a form of sexism that most often refers to the unequal treatment female employees in the workplace. This bias includes unequal promotion opportunities, pay increases, and access to benefits and privileges. Gender BiasAdditionally, it has been observed to extend to the expectations and attitudes of management or other employees based purely on the gender of a specific employee or group of employees. Again, this more often affects women in the workplace, but might also extend to both genders depending on which makes up the dominant majority in a company or specific department. When this type of bias can be identified to persist on a systematic level it can form the basis for an anti-discrimination lawsuit under existing statutes.

Gender bias is also known to persist in academia. This happens under several scenarios. First, occurs when teachers treat one gender differently than another and assume certain expectations based on the sex of the students. This includes applying culturally “masculine” standards to the males and “feminine” standards to the females. It is also known to happen in scholarly research. This continues to be a field dominated by males who often make the mistake of reducing their research notes and papers to a level that is loaded with gender biases regarding the results they found. More equal representation of females in academia will undoubtedly help to ameliorate this situation.

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