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Research Papers on Galileo and Motion

Research papers on Galileo and his theory of motion explore the mathematically and mechanical end of his ideas. Galileo's contribution to physics is unprecedented. Have a research paper written by Paper Masters on the physics of motion as outlined by Galileo.

Galileo's achievement in mechanics was to reject ancient and medieval theories turning instead to the data of sense experience and thereby setting a new course for the science of motion.  Although there are arguments that may support the claim made in the above statement, this research paper on Galileo's theory of motion will show how Galileo maintained and used some of the scientific theories of motion asserted before and during the Middle Ages while still changing the approach as to how these theories were viewed and used.

 Galileo and Motion

  1. First, this Galileo's theory of motion research paper will examine the ways in which Galileo continued the scientific traditions begun during the ancient and medieval scientific periods.
  2. Next, this Galileo's theory of motion research paper will explore arguments that support the theory that Galileo did not utilize the scientific knowledge regarding motion that was introduced during previous eras. 
  3. Finally, a Galileo's theory of motion research paper will conclude by nullifying these arguments and reasserting how Galileo built upon the scientific knowledge gained before and during the Middle Ages.

Galileo - Mechanics and Motion

Galileo did not reject theories established before him in the field of mechanics.  Instead, he expanded and built on those theories.  In his book, The Beginnings of Western Science, David C. Lindberg explains that Galileo's analysis of the kinematics of falling bodies, for instance, was merely an expansion of similar principles developed at Oxford and Paris in the fourteenth century.  In fact, the framework on which Galileo built his theories on kinematics included concepts of space, time, velocity, and acceleration that had clearly been established in medieval times.  In the end, Galilean theory borrowed heavily from medieval theorems, including the mean-speed theorem and the Merton role.   

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