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Freedom of Religion Research Papers

This is a research paper on Freedom of Religion. It will defend the first amendment. Custom research papers on religion are Paper Masters specialty. Research papers are about freedom of religion, the first amendment. This project is entirely on the freedom of religion portion of the first amendment (no other portion of the first amendment should be discussed). You will want to include the following in your research papers:

  • The research paper should analyze the FOUNDING FATHERS INTENT in providing this amendment.
  • Consider the evolution of the amendment as a protection of individual liberty throughout American history by DESCRIBING AND ANALYZING COURT CASES THAT HAVE INTERPRETED AND ENFORCED THE AMENDMENT.
  • Evaluate the implications of the amendment today for individuals and for society.
Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion and Diversity

Some of the complications that the United States today confronts as it attempts to come to terms with a society rich in religious diversity – a society in which people practice widely differing religious traditions calling for widely differing degrees of religious piety and that do not always agree about how people ought to live – are rooted in the complicated nature of the religious foundations of this country. The Puritans came here seeking freedom to practice their own religion, and freedom of religion later was made a part of the nation’s founding principles. But that religion upon which the nation was founded was a particularly strict one, quick to call those who disagreed with its principles sinners.

Freedom of Religion and the 21st Century

Include a prediction of the direction that interpretation of this issue might take during the 21st century.

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