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Research Papers on Foucault's What is an Author?

Research papers on Foucault's What is an Author? are custom written by world literature writers from Paper Masters. Foucault and other prominent writers are studied in depth in research papers that explicate literature and what the key elements in writing are.

This research paper on Foucault challenges on of the central assumptions that has long defined an important part of our understanding of literature, namely, the belief that an individual author single-handedly creates a literary text and its meanings. Foucault's What is an AuthorAccording to Foucault, this view is an outmoded idealization that reveals Western culture's preoccupation with the individual genius. In this way, Foucault's poststructuralist notions agree with the assertions of the New Critics, which held that known facts about the author's biography and life should not have any bearing on the interpretation of the text. However, where these two factions contradict each other is with the New Critics' belief that there is a single, correct meaning for each literary text.

Foucault's What is an Author?

Foucault's argument about the insignificance of the author asserts a wholly different view of literary meaning:

  • Foucault sees the act of the interpretation of the text as more important than the communication embodied in the text itself.
  • The acceptable interpretations of a text are as various and numerous as its readers.
  • The pragmatic application of Foucault's ideas about authorship is limited, as evidence by our approach to his work, which is predicated upon his own authority.

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