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Foreshadowing in A Rose for Emily

William Faulkner’s famous short storyA Rose for Emily” is an excellent example of a work of fiction that contains numerous instances of foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is a literary technique where crucial events at the denouement are given advanced emphasis. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Foreshadowing in A Rose for Emily that follows your guidelines.

Foreshadowing in a Rose for EmilyThe story begins with the funeral of Miss Emily Grierson, which the entire town attends in order to get a glimpse inside the dilapidated house of the local recluse. Faulkner’s characterization of the house is one of the first indications of death and decay. Indeed, Faulkner uses the word “decay” in describing the condition of the house.

Instances of Foreshadowing in A Rose For Emily

Foreshadowing is a large part of the mystique of A Rose For Emily. The three main instances of foreshadowing in the story are:

  • The most obvious example of foreshadowing occurs at the beginning of part two, when mention is made of the smell emanating from the house, and the disappearance of her suitor.
  • A second instance occurs when the town ladies appear to offer their condolences upon the death of Miss Emily’s father, only to have her state that the man was not dead and she refused to have the body removed for three days.
  • Numerous mentions of Miss Emily’s sanity are raised in the story and the incident where she purchases arsenic from the druggist without explanation also foreshadows the discovery of the corpse of her suitor in the bed beside where Miss Emily slept for forty years.

Despite foreshadowing of the conclusion, Faulkner’s story continues to entertain.

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