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Research Papers on the Floods in Pakistan

Floods in Pakistan research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

We have seen unprecedented floods in Pakistan in recent weeks. Large portions of the country are underwater and as many as 6 million people have lost their homes. Many of the victims were subsistence farmers and have lost everything. Their livestock and homes have been washed away, along with all of the family's possessions.

Floods in Pakistan

This is likely to be the largest single natural disaster in human history. Thousands of people have been killed and many more face a future of starvation and disease. Floods in PakistanClean water and access to medical health treatment is out of the reach of many people. Some aid organizations have begun to send food aid but much more is needed.

Even some terrorist organizations have pledged aid to the victims of the floods in Pakistan. The Taliban have begun to give food aid to victims and pledged even more help in the future.

There are many possible reasons for such severe floods in Pakistan. One of the large contributing factors would be our warming planet. When the planet warms more moisture is added to the air. This results in increased rainfall. In addition, warming temperatures and higher rainfall lead to larger glacial melt. All of the factors lead to unprecedented floods in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Flooding Events

The floods in Pakistan are not the only flooding events.

  • Several campers were killed in Arkansas in flash flooding
  • The entire downtown of Nashville was flooded when the Cumberland River overflowed it's banks in May
  • 30 people were killed and over a billion dollars in damage was caused in the Nashville flood

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