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Fixing Families

The assignment- A book report that is of a Book Summary and Critique of the book- FIXING FAMILIES BY JENNIFER A. REICH

The report should include subheadings,include a reference page, include both a capsule summary and critique (including headings, distinguishing sections).

Fixing Families

Part 1: Capsule Summary for Fixing Families Research Paper

The capsule summary should be a rigorous synopsis (2-3 pages) of the main points of the book. This summary should include a “thick” (or detailed) description in response to these questions:

  1. The author’s research problem or question. What was the focus of his/her/their research?
  2. The specific methodology the author used in addressing this research question. For example, did s/he use participant observation, intensive interviewing, focus group interviewing, content analysis or some combination of the above methods? (Explain the methods in sufficient detail so that someone reading it could replicate these methods) What was the setting of the study and what type of sample was used? How did he/she/they select the setting and sample that s/he studied?
  3. Please specify the key findings of his or her research (Identify at least THREE of key themes or findings presented in the book. Be sure to discuss these themes or findings in a clear, logical, and specific way. Please DO NOT simply list the use of vague and general points that are unrelated to each other or give short answer responses).
  4. Please specify the level of detail provided by the writer of their subjective experience (that is, their thoughts and feelings) related to the research process.

Part 2: Critique for Fixing Families Research Paper:

In this portion of the paper, offer a reflective critique of the book (3-4 pages). A critique does not necessarily mean a negative appraisal. Instead, it means an evaluation which highlights the pros and cons of the book. Questions to respond to include:

  1. What did you think of the book overall?
  2. What ideas or conclusions did you like or dislike?
  3. What seemed plausible or implausible?
  4. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the methodology used by the author? (use citations from your course readings to assess the rigor of the study)
  5. What are some other impressions you had about the text?
  6. In your view, how effective was the writer/s in identifying their subjective viewpoint (i.e., thoughts and feelings) and how it might impact the research process?
  7. Describe what are the strengths or limitations of using this qualitative approach with your current (or future) client population?
  8. How helpful was this text towards gaining a better understanding of the qualitative research process?
  9. What are the implications of this text for social work practice, policy, human rights, and social justice?
  10. A core requirement of your critique portion of your paper is that it reflects some kind of deep engagement with the book. It SHOULD NOT be a superficial discussion.
  11. Your in-depth analysis and critique should focus on some or all of the issues that you discuss in the capsule summary.
  12. Stay focused-do not go off on a tangent. Be sure to stick to the main points. Helpful hint about completing this assignment: As you read, try to keep an outline of the key themes addressed in the book and a record of the reactions or questions it triggered in you.
  13. A good strategy is to keep two set of notes; one for the summary and one for the critique. This method will really assist you during the final writing process.

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