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Film Kingdom of Heaven

Film Kingdom of Heaven is one of many research paper topics that Paper Masters provides. Use this topic suggestion as a guide on how to write a paper or order your own custom research paper.

You will complete a short annotated film analysis of the Film Kingdom of Heaven. Once you have viewed the film you must examine two pieces of PROFESSIONAL criticism of the film, one mainly positive and one mainly negative. you must also examine the selected crusades documents that I will send, that give some indication of the factual history of the events, issues and people portrayed.

Film Kingdom of Heaven

Film Kingdom of Heaven Research Paper:

  1. how well does the story illuminate the following aspects of the actual crusades? how accurate is the film regarding:

a. The role of rank in medieval life (i.e. status based upon birth) and the extent to which ordinary people viewed religion as an integral part of their lives and the public expression of that faith?
b. The role of the knightly crusader orders in the conflicts, European life, and in the government of the crusader kingdoms?
c. The influence of religion on politics and vice versa?
d. The role of medieval women, particularly high ranking ones in medieval society?
e. The conflict between Islam and western Christianity (i.e. the reasons for the crusades)?
For each, you must provide the source for your information and the end of your answer.

2. Filmmakers, particularly those who choose historical subjects, typically want to use those subjects to comment on some contemporary event or phenomenon. Film Kingdom of Heaven was released in 2005. what 21st century concerns are reflected in the film? in other words, what does the film have to say about the historical moment in which it was produced? how well does the film respond to recent political, social and cultural events/phenomena? choose two and explain each completely.

3. Is the film entertaining enough to catch your attention? why or why not? are some aspects of the film more entertaining than others? if you were asked to advise a producer who wishes to remake the film, which aspect would you advise him/her to focus on, and which would you advise him/her to drop entirely? is there anything that is not addressed in the film that you should add? why?
**you should refer back to your criticisms from #1 to help answer this question completely**

4. Using,,, locate two full length professional reviews of the film, one primarily positive and one mostly negative. write a brief summary of each reviewer’s argument about the film. then respond to the following questions: do you agree more with the positive or negative review of this film? why? be specific.

5. This assignment is basically a film analysis and all the paragraphs have to be the same length approximately.

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