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Ferdinand Magellan Research Papers

Ferdinand Magellan research papers are custom written on the world explorer that is based on a world history view of his accomplishments. Order a custom written research paper on Magellan from Paper Masters today.

Research papers report that Ferdinand Magellan was the first man to circumnavigate the globe. However, this title is both fitting and a misnomer; Your research paper should report that Ferdinand Magellan was killed in the Philippines, and of the five ships that left Spain, only one returned, captained by a man who had mutinied against Magellan during the expedition. But despite his unfortunate demise, Magellan’s idea and his expedition have entered history with an air of greatness. Ferdinand MagellanThe historical Magellan is as mysterious as his name. William Manchester, in his foreword to Tim Joyner’s biography of Magellan, writes:

  • In Portuguese documents his name appears as Fernão de Magalhães and Fernão de Magalhãis. 
  • Born the son of the son of a fourth-grade nobleman, in middle age he renounced his native land
  • As a Portuguese immigrant in Spanish Seville, he became Fernado de Magallanes. 
  • Sometimes he spelled it that way, sometimes as “Maghellanes.” 
  • In San Lúcar de Barrameda, before embarking for immortality on September 20, 1519, he signed his last will and testament as “Hernando de Magallanes.” 
  • Cartographers latinized this to Magellanus; we have anglicized it to Magellan.

The circumstances of Magellan’s birth and youth are unknown. His earliest English biography, written in 1890, declares that he was born around 1480…at Sabrossa, near Chaves, in the province of Traz-os-Montes, one of the wildest districts of Portugal. But a recent biography admits: “The precise time and place of Magellan’s birth are unknown.” What can be certain is that he was born between 1470 and 1480 and grew up in northwest Portugal. He apprenticed as a court page in the royal house of Portugal, living in obscurity but dreaming of greatness until the opportunity arose to sail to India in 1505, under the command o Francisco de Almeida. At the time it was the largest fleet dispatched to the Orient by Europeans.

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