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The word “feminism” has the power to unite women in common causes, strike fear in men and some women who don’t understand it’s meaning, and rally those together who blame the feminist movement for all of the world’s woes. FeminismSince its start, feminism has been blamed for every social anguish imaginable including exploding divorce rates, teenage alcoholism, domestic violence, single parent homes, and behavior problems in children. It is an often feared and hated concept believed by many to embody the loss of moral and family standards.  Throughout the movements history one constant has remained: those who do not understand the movement or what it stands for are often its most outspoken critics.

Feminism Today

Feminism is today, as it was almost forty years ago a “movement for social, political, and economic equality of men and women”. When given this definition, 67 percent of people polled say that they agree with the feminist movement. Without such a clear-cut definition however, the feminist movement is equated to such acts as “bra burning”, “men hating” and “aggressiveness” by both men and women alike who fail to understand the basic underlying goals of the movement itself. To complicate the matter further, there is a lack of agreement among those who proclaim themselves as “feminists” on what the movement actually stands for.

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