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Research Papers on Female Pedophiles

Research papers on female pedophiles include statistics and the data that illustrates how common this phenomena is in society today. Paper Masters custom writes projects on social problems and sociology for students.

Although most pedophiles are male, women have also been charged and convicted as pedophiles. These cases are not unlike cases involving male pedophiles. For example, documented cases of female pedophiles reveal that they often act out their sexual desires on children because they believe that it does not have the same significance as having sex with another adult. Similarly, like male pedophiles, female pedophiles generally deny that there is anything wrong with acting out sexually with a child and that the act is not conducted with the intent to injure the child. Female PedophilesInterestingly, most cases of female pedophilia are also associated with mental disorders such as:

Another interesting finding is that few female pedophiles report that they were themselves abused as children however a significant number report that they had been victims of sexual abuse by men as young adults or adult women.

Female Pedophiles Cases

Cases of female pedophilia are relatively rare. The fact that the issue of female pedophilia is largely absent in the literature is attributed to either that fewer women do, in fact, commit sexual crimes against children, that they are caught much less frequently or because the judicial system deals with female sex offenders differently than it does with male sex offenders. What ever the reason, the fact that there are clearly documented cases of female pedophilia merits further research into the scope of its prevalence as well as into how the judicial system actually deals with female sex offenders.

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