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Federalist Paper #10

Research papers on Federalist Paper #10 examine this document by James Madison that speaks to the role of government. Have Federalist Paper #10 explained in a custom research paper from Paper Masters.

Publius, Federalist Paper #10 written by James Madison in support of large republican democracy also supports the fact that wisely-crafted institutions can provide what virtue can not. Federalist Paper #10Madison remarks that in a representative republic, more than other forms of government, the combined voice projected through representatives is more representative of the public good than what individuals proclaim in their own voices. Meaning that an person’s innate virtue does not provide the necessary requisites for maintaining a society that are supported by a representative group. According to Madison, large representative republics also protect against an individual or small group coming to power who might promote their own selfish goals and interests over that of society as a whole. This again supports the fact that individuals cannot be relied upon to consistently do the right thing and therefore an objective institution is necessary to supply what virtue lacks.

Federalists Paper and Personal Interests

Some people argue that wisely-crafted institutions, namely government, cannot provide what virtue can not. However, the potential for government to do so is supportable.

  1. Government can bring out the common interests of all people and support them above personal interests.
  2. Government can implement standards of conduct and laws that require individuals to choose behaviors that are good for themselves and society.
  3. Government can provide society with those things that have not been provided by a societal sense of morality, integrity and honesty, in essence supplying what virtue can not.

The greatest support for detractors of this notion is that, while government has the potential to provide these things, it does not always succeed.

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