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FDR and the New Deal

This is a research paper SAMPLE on FDR's new deal. It's success at solving the depression will be examined. This a history paper on FDR and the New Deal. You can give detail on Franklin D. Roosevelt or on his policies as the United States President.

FDR and the New Deal: How successful was the New Deal in solving the economic and social problems of the Great Depression?

FDR and the New Deal

The New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the hallmarks of economic and social reform. This essay will focus on the economics of the New Deal. It will provide a brief historic perspective and wide range of data to describe the fundamental elements of the New Deal. It will also review the early economic policies and later economic policies of the New Deal. This research paper will conclude that the New Deal was based on a policy of liberal government spending and developed under Keynesian economic models that lasted long after the New Deal.

FDR's New Deal was created to solve serious economic problems facing the United States. After the 1929 stock market crash, President Herbert Hoover was unable to take the economic steps necessary to prevent the great Depression. By 1933, unemployment was at 25 percent and homeless people began to gather in shantytowns outside many cities. Franklin D. Roosevelt promised government action, and that action took the form of many economic programs that were collectively known as the New Deal.  

New Deal Programs

The programs of FDR's New Deal addressed many problems with increased government spending and regulation. The New Deal's programs were directed by several federal agencies, including:

  • AAA
  • NRA
  • WPA
  • SEC
  • FDIC
  • NLRB

There were also work-relief projects that gave unemployed workers jobs building dams, bridges, trails, highways and airports. The agencies provided economic stimulation and provided relief for many businesses and impoverished families. Other economic reforms included Congressional adoption of Social Security, unemployment compensation and federal insurance of bank deposits, which helped with immediate problems and offered preventive measures that helped citizens regain trust in the nation's economy.  

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