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Research Papers in Favor of Gay Marriage

Research papers in favor of gay marriage can be custom written from Paper Masters and you can have them focus on any aspect of the issue of gay marriage you like. Since gay marriage is now legal in the United States, you can write about the history of the issue or about the social affect of gay marriage.

Topic suggestions on Gay Marriage include the following:

  • How the Supreme Court came to its decision in favor of gay marriage
  • The driving groups and people behind the gay marriage movement
  • Examine the demographics of the sectors of the United States in favor of gay marriage

The controversy around gay marriage essentially stems from the antiquated notion that any union should be between a man and a woman. This notion, in the modern era, is outdated and restrictive; gay and lesbian couples have become part of the mainstream culture for most Americans who are not believers in the Bible as a literal text, such as our president. Most people either know or are related to someone who is gay, and as such most Americans have accepted this lifestyle and those who choose to live it. Further, recent scientific study has shown that being gay is based more on genetic predisposition rather than personal choice, which provides further validation of the lifestyle and those who live it. However, as a society that is based upon the premise that all men are created equal, the rights of these individuals are severely restricted, which is in opposition to the principles upon which this country was founded.

In order to provide equal access, the next step is providing equality in the rights offered and protected to gay and lesbian couples. By not allowing legal unions between these couples, they are deprived of the same access to tax breaks that heterosexual married couples receive. In many cases, in gay relationships, the life partner of a person who dies is often not allowed to be the beneficiary of any financial arrangements that may have been made; sometimes, in fact, this partner doesn’t even have the right to determine the type of funeral service the deceased may have. It seems abundantly clear that if our society is to truly consider itself one of tolerance and acceptance, it must provide legal rights to homosexuals, and the most important aspect of this provision would be to allow for the legalization of gay marriages.

Proponents of Gay Marriage

Further, proponents of gay marriage note that the principle argument that same sex marriage subverts the basic morals and ethics of social and family structure simply do not hold up in psychological research.  Many opponents have argued that gay marriages produce environments that are not stable and in which children cannot thrive.  Looking at empirical research on the subject, however, it seems that these claims are redundantly false.  “These witnesses presented research evidence demonstrating same-sex couples’ ability to form lasting relationships and the lack of ill effects on children raised by same-sex couples, and they stressed that the important factor affecting children’s development is the quality of parent-child relationships, not the family structure or the sexual orientation of the parents”.

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