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Fast Food Nation Research Papers

A Fast Food Nation research paper attempts to present a brief analytical review of Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation. This book represents an ambitious undertaking, an attempt to assess the role that fast food restaurants play in the economic, psychological, political, environmental, sociological, and medical life of the nation.  It is incisive and factual and it makes a very good case for its thesis:

The proliferation of fast food restaurants has had a negative impact on the nation and that the best thing that could happen with respect to them is that they should disappear to be replaced by a food distribution system that is “…regional, diverse, authentic, unpredictable, sustainable, profitable—and humble….”Fast Food Nation

The following are good theses for your Fast Food Nation research paper.

  • Mr. Schlosser’s self-described optimism with respect to the possible demise of the fast food system—which he states in the last sentence of the final afterword that concludes the latest edition of this book—is somewhat quixotic.
  • Schlosser takes this stance because he does not, throughout his book, give due weight to the fact that consumers have voted with their pocket books and that they prefer the way they eat to the way he wishes they would eat.
  • The root of the problem and it will not be changed by books such as this one.

Appalling Facts About Fast Food

Mr. Schlosser’s book is relentlessly factual in its content and the facts are appalling. Much as the tobacco companies have done, the fast food companies have targeted children. They have deliberately and diligently worked to induce in children a set of dysfunctional eating habits that will be extremely difficult to overcome in later years and which promote obesity and heart disease.

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