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Farming in Australia Research Papers

Research papers on farming in Australia cover the three aspects of farming in the country. Paper Masters can write on any of the three types of farming that is done in Australia or focus on just one of the main ways Australians farm.

When the word farming is mentioned to most Westerners, the traditional image of Old McDonald and his farm typically come to mind.  From cows to pigs and chickens and horses, Western perception of farming life is rather pastoral and somewhat nomadic.  Despite the fact that these perceptions hold true for farming in the United States, the reality is that farming aboard, in countries such as Australia, takes on a meaning and a perception that is dramatically different from what is thought of as “traditional Western farming.”  For Australians, the concept of farming goes far beyond harvesting crops for sale.  Farming is not only a means of sustenance, but a way of life that is ingrained from birth.  Farming provides for a family a community and, in large part, to the booming economy of the Australian state.

Australia's Three Parts of Farming

Farming in Australia

Although many aspects of farming in Australia have direct correlations to their Western counterparts, there are some notable differences in the types of farming that one can undertake.  As each type of farming has a different ideology, mindset and related tasks for the ease of explication, this overview of farming in Australia has been broken into three distinct parts:

  1. Sheep farming
  2. Cattle farming
  3. Wheat farming

While some aspects of sheep and cattle farming overlap, overall, both types of farming present unique challenges to the novice as well as the seasoned veteran.


Difference in Farming

If one were to take all of the information presented above and ask how farming, in Western Australia, is different from farming in the United States or the United Kingdom, the answer to this question would be quite simple: Size.  It seems that when it comes to farming in Western Australia, those that undertake this labor intensive practice do so on such a large scale that, the size of their farm land is almost incomprehensible to the Western farmer.  While it is true that there are notable differences in livestock and grain farming, the reality is that no matter what type of farming is undertaken in Australia, it is done on a large scale and for large profit.  Although profit margins for both livestock and grain farming have narrowed over the past few years, farming remains quintessential to the economy of Australia.  For those that choose this line of work the payoff is high, but the work is often grueling.

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