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Family Interview

This is a topic suggestion on Family Interview from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Select a family experiencing an illness or transition for your family interview research paper. The goal of the interview is to include as many family members as possible, but the family can decide who constitutes their family and who will be part of the interview.

Custom Family Interview Research Papers from Paper Masters

Family InterviewThe family interview is aimed at exploring the family experience with illness or transition, the family challenges with managing, and any nursing care that they found helpful. You will be assessing the description of their experience with the illness or transition, support, concerns, needs... Based on a family system theory that you select, prepare a family interview guide with questions, review the family theories (Denham, Calgary, Friedman, integrated). The interview will be focused on learning about family life, (structure, function, process) in the presence of an illness experience or transition based on the family theory you select. After completing the interview identify family concepts that emerged in the interview data (changes in dynamics/functions, family stress, family coping, role conflicts etc.). What family issues/needs/strengths emerged during your interview data? Develop a 7-10 page paper that focuses on family concepts that emerged in the interview data and how those concepts relate to the family theory. The family analysis can be used to support the discussion of concepts in the paper, but you do not need to include all family data assessed. Support your analysis. Include your interview guide as an appendix with the paper. Next, a purpose family level approach based on what was revealed in the interview data. What family interventions would support the family health? What family nursing care did the family receives or needs? Finally include a reflection on the student family interview experience in your paper. Describe techniques that were effective during the interview? What was the most challenging aspect of the interview? Make suggestions for changes you would make the next time you conduct a family interview?

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