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Expressive Language Disorder Research Papers

Expressive language disorder research papers are custom written for education majors who are studying how to teach special needs students. Many special needs students have expressive language disorders and research shows they need special education teaching.

There are two main categories of language disorders.

  1. Receptive language disorders entail difficulty in understanding language.
  2. Expressive language disorders involve problems in using language in order to express thoughts, ideas, or emotions.

Expressive language disorders are common in some children with autism spectrum disorder, but may also be the result of damage to the central nervous system, called aphasia.

Expressive Language Disorder

Expressive Language Disorder and Children

Children with expressive language disorders have difficulty in constructing sentences, often using short, simple sentences characterized by incorrect word order. These children often have a hard time finding the proper word, frequently using placeholders, such as “um.” Their vocabulary is described as being below that of peers, and they often leave words out in conversation.

The best-known treatment for expressive language disorder is speech and language therapy. Outcome frequently depends on the root cause of the disorder. Children with expressive language disorder due to some brain injury generally have poorer outcomes, and will have long-term problems with language. Most children who display some language disorder during preschool years will continue to have difficulties throughout life, and may also have reading disorders as a result. Parents who notice that their children are not developing language skills, such as being able to use three words together by 15 months, should contact their medical professional.

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