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Expository Writing

Have an example of expository writing custom written on any topic you choose. English 101 or writing courses often require an example of expository writing to be done. Our expert writers will illustrate exactly how to execute an expository paper that serves to inform, explore or describe something.

As one of the most common forms of writing, expository writing has several key functions. Generally, the purposes of expository writing is one of the following:

  1. To inform
  2. To explain
  3. To describe

These elements can range from writing directions for a recipe to describing a home for sale in a weekly newspaper section. Expository WritingExpository writing can be found in journalism, “how to” books or articles, or on websites providing information about a company’s history, for example. Expository writing is designed for all audiences: individuals working in highly technical fields can turn to instruction manuals or technical specifications before proceeding with a project, while children use expository writing to describe their summer vacation when writing to a pen pal.

Expository writing also exists within the realm of narrative writing, as well. In a fictional text, for example, exposition provides the reader with essential background information to help them understand the characters, the current situation, or the environment in which the action is taking place. In history manuscripts, exposition provides the reader with the context in which the ideas are being discussed; this information allows the reader to better analyze the facts and arguments as provided by the author. The core of expository writing is the presentation of an idea or concept, the use of all necessary evidence or explanation to allow the reader to fully understand the topic at hand, and a discussion that elaborates on the information provided. A neutral stance is pivotal when completing expository writing, as, again, the purpose is to inform or explain, thus allowing the reader to draw their own arguments or conclusions.

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