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Expectancy Theory Research Papers

Research papers on topics like Expectancy Theory are often difficult to write. We help get you started. For example, an employee motivation theory that is on the same lines of Equity Theory is the Expectancy Theory.  The Expectancy Theory relates more to how much the employees think they have to work to get a certain reward or for a certain outcome to occur.  The motivation to do the task is therefore linked to what the employee thinks they can get out of it. The Expectancy Theory shows a heavy linkage between rewards and the amount of work needing to be done to achieve the reward. Expectancy Theory

Expectancy theory takes into account those factors that internally push an individual to act and the external factors, controllable by the administration, which can pull someone to act. A supervisor who understands and utilizes the principles of expectancy theory should be successful in motivating his staff to high performance.  

  • Vroom first proposed expectancy theory in 1964.
  • Porter and Lawler further developed the theory into a theoretical model.
  • Expectancy Theory is known by some as VIE Theory
    • v standing for valence
    • i for instrumentality
    • e for expectancy.
  • VIE is determined in large part by the value a person places on the outcome of his actions and the expectation he has that the behavior or action will indeed bring about the desired consequence.

Expectancy Theory Research Papers define expectancy theory as individuals choosing a particular set of actions or behaviors that, in their own self-interest, they believe will most likely deliver the outcomes they desire. It is important to remember that people are motivated not just by their desires, but also by previous learning experiences that reinforce the idea that the desire is achievable.

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