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Existential Intelligence

Existential intelligence is the latest category to emerge from Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner himself did not want to include spirituality in his theory, but allowed that more spiritual or existential intelligence may be a human characteristic. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Existential Intelligence that follows your guidelines.

Existential intelligence is characterized by an individual’s sensitivity to the larger questions regarding existence. Existential IntelligenceUnderstanding the meaning of life, for example, is one of the bigger questions that permeate human civilization. These individuals are especially sensitive to the intangible qualities of life, with strong sensitivity to the arts or religious expression.

Characteristics of Existential Intelligence

The following characteristics define what makes a person have a higher level of existential intelligence:

  • In an educational setting, individuals with high existential intelligence are likely to seek out deeper meaning in instruction and attempt to connect ideas across the curriculum.
  • They prefer educational activities that allow for a choice, rather than rote memorization.
  • These individuals may greater sensitivity to community or global causes and will consider ideas from multiple perspectives.
  • People with high levels of existential intelligence will be able to design abstract theories that are the product of reflective thinking.
  • Individuals with existential intelligence may be attracted to theology and philosophy and prefer self-expression.
  • The collective value of the world around them allows these individuals to understand human connections.

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