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Executive Branch of Government

The government of the United States is divided into three branches. The executive branch, headed by the President, is the branch responsible for the daily administration of the nation. It is the largest branch of government, consisting of the various Cabinet agencies, executive departments and agencies of the government. The role of the executive is to enforce laws. In a presidential system, the chief executive is head of state and head of the government, while in a parliamentary system the prime minister is the head of government, while ceremonial monarch or president is the head of state.

Executive Branch of Government

In the United States, the president is the head of state and head of the government, as well as commander in chief of the armed forces and the nation’s chief diplomat. Legislation that is passed by Congress is sent to the President, who may either sign or veto the bill. Presidents may also initiate laws through what are known as Executive Orders. The President also has the power to pardon criminals and appoint members of the Supreme Court.

Under the president is the Vice President, first in line to take over the executive branch on the death or removal from office of the President. Most of the day-to-day operations of the federal government fall under the purveyance of the many executive departments, such as the EPA, the FBI, or the TSA. Numerous other independent agencies, such as the Post Office, CIA or NASA are also part of the executive branch.

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