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Research Papers on Evolutionists

Research papers on evolutionists focus on famous scientists or philosophers that discuss the topic of evolution. Paper Masters can custom write a research paper on any evolutionist or evolutionary topic you need. A few topics we have done so far include:

  • Who are the famous evolutionists of Charles Darwin's time?
  • Is the term "evolutionist" accurate, since evolution is a proven fact of science? There are not "atomists" or "moleculists", why are there "evolutionists"?
  • How have evolutionists "evolved" over time in their theory of evolution?

For evolutionists, scientific creationism tactics pose a new challenge.  For evolutionists, however, the pathway to discerning the answer to this question lies not in the esoteric, but in the methodology of science. Charles Darwin, through his various studies of man and animals, postulated that the origin of man was rooted in the evolutionary mechanisms of nature. From this time forward, the debate concerning the origin of man has been predicated upon the qualitative versus the quantitative.  Wary of judicial restrictions, creationists are using the Supreme Court provisions and the Constitution to work for creationism’s inclusion.  Steven K. Green of Americans United for Separation of Church and State remarks, “It’s very hard to litigate bad science.  You can’t sue a bad science teacher under the establishment clause.  You’d have to show he’s almost entirely motivated by religion”.  With the removal of words like God, Bible and Genesis from the intelligent design position, proving religious motivation is almost impossible.   

Evolutionists Confront Intelligent Design

Evolutionists are confronting intelligent design with their greatest weapon - the scientific evidence in support of the theory of evolutionEvolutionistsIntelligent design’s primary criticism of evolution is that it has never been observed.  Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould dismisses this argument with a reminder that “good science integrates observation with inference”.  Evolution occurred over such a long period and “at an infinitude beneath our powers of direct visualization” that it would be impossible to observe it directly.  Evolution, he adds, does not threaten the ethical development of schoolchildren, because scientific facts do not lead people toward conclusions about how they should behave.  Gould summarizes his arguments with a sentiment endorsed by the greater scientific community, “Science and religion should be equal, mutually respecting partners, each the master of its own domain, and with each domain vital to human life in a different way”.

Early Evolutionists

The early evolutionists believe that humankind began in an uncivilized, primitive state and gradually evolved into an enlightened society. The neo evolutionism of Leslie White, however, believes that a basic law governs the evolution of cultures: "Other factors remaining constant, culture evolves as the amount of energy harnessed per year is increased, or as the efficiency of the means of putting energy to work is increased". Therefore, the neo-evolutionist believes that the development of cities is directly related to the ability, and perhaps necessity, of people to work efficiently. Because the most efficient labor is organized and cooperative, cities developed along with the ability to work together in an effective manner.

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