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Ethnic Differences in Health

Ethnic Differences in Health research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Ethnic differences in health research papers cite several factors that contribute to ethnic differences in health. They point out that the medical system in the United States is designed by and for the white middle and upper class population. Ethnic Differences in HealthThe assumptions of this medical system may not fit the beliefs and needs of various ethnic communities, resulting in poor health outcomes for these ethnic populations. Ethnic differences in health research papers contend that distinct, ethnic psychological factors play a large role in health outcomes. These factors include treatment processes, beliefs and concepts about health that differ from one ethnic group to the next.

Many Ethnic Differences in Health agrees that genetic characteristics, lifestyle and cultural habits influence the risk of developing chronic disease. Not only do some diseases, such as arthritis, progress differently in different ethnic groups, but people may also experience conditions differently. South Asians are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke than Caucasians. Traditional food may also play a role, according to Ethnic Differences in Health Research Papers. Long-cooking curries and stews may potentially lose important nutrients, while the Chinese (at the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease) regularly eat fish, drink green tea and steam their food. A 1999 study found that Chinese are at higher risk of dying from cancer (particularly lung cancer) than South Asians, according to Murphy. An article titled "California Health Initiative to Tackle Racial, Ethnic Disparities" also reports that racial and ethnic health disparities have been documented in areas such as tuberculosis, which occurs in just two per 100,000 white residents, but 34 per 100,000 Asian and Pacific Islanders.

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