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Ethics in the Early Church Research Papers

Ethics in the early Church is a wide open topic that lends itself to many interesting research paper possibilities. Paper Masters has theology research paper writers that can custom write any religion topic you need. Topics we have done on ethics in the early Church include:

One of the most significant challenges for current-day Christians is the process of developing a moral system that is based on Christian principles, but can also be applied in many real-life situations. Clearly, the exemplar of Jesus Christ must necessarily serve as the most important ethical model for believers. Within His actions and teachings as set forth within the New Testament, the most important fundamental principles of Christian ethics are exemplified. Believers seeking to live their own lives according to Christian ethical principles should rightly aspire to emulating the ethicality embodied perfectly in Jesus Christ.

Ethics in the Early Church

Christ-like Ethical behavior

Realistically, however, it can be difficult, sometimes well nigh impossible, to consistently manifest the Christ-like ethical behavior demonstrated by the Lord in the New Testament. While Jesus is, by definition, the ultimate ethical exemplar for all Christians, the fact remains that He was blessed with a spirituality that far exceeds our own moral and ethical resources. Indeed, the formidable prospect of exemplifying Christ-like ethicality has been so daunting to some believers that rather than facing the challenge, they turn away from Christianity altogether. While this recourse is highly misguided, it serves to demonstrate the difficulty that many perceive in living one’s life in perfect accord with the example set forth by the Son of God.


Early Church Christians

Although Jesus and His ethical principals are of primary importance to Christians, it must be acknowledged that His life was something of a special case. In other words, even as accounts of His ethical beliefs and principles are highly important to Christians, there is often a perceived distance between the exemplar of Jesus and our own actions in daily life because of the conditions and context specific to His existence and the special challenges that He faced as the incarnate Son of God.

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