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Ergonomics Assessment

How do you start a Ergonomics Assessment research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Someday, you may be tasked with conducting an ergonomic assessment of 1 work area at your place of employment. An example of a workplace to be included in an ergonomics assessment is as follows:

Post Office Assessment in Relation to Ergonomics

Ergonomics Assessment

Imagine that you are chosen to assess the Post Office, specifically, using the following considerations:

  • How the postal clerk receives a package
  • Weighs the package
  • Turns and places the package in the staging window directly behind them.
  • The counter dimensions where packages are placed and weighed are 24 inches high x 30 inches wide x 24 inches deep.
  • The package is then moved across a space of 64.5 inches directly behind the postal clerk.
  • The package staging window sits 32 inches off the ground. The window is 30 inches high x 30 inches wide. There is an 8 inch height difference between the 2 counters.
  • There are 2 postal clerks per shift and they work 10 hours a day excluding a 1 hour lunch break.
  • The postal clerk on average handles 130 packages a shift. This does not include letter mail.
  • The packages range in weight from ounces to a max weight of 80 pounds.
  • The packages come in all sizes/shapes.
  • The postal clerk stands on his feet all day and there are no floor mats to ease the cushion of the feet.
  • Only when they get their 15 minute break can they go and sit down.

WISHA Checklist

The assessment needs to utilize the WISHA checklist for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. This checklist needs to be added to the research paper as an appendix.

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