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Episcopal Church Research Papers

Episcopal church research papers can be custom written about the church that is sometimes called the Christ Church. Religion topics on the Episcopal Church can include the following:

  • Trinity Episcopal Church and why it is important to the Episcopal Church
  • What is the role of Christ in the Episcopal Church
  • Explain the importance of the Trinity in the Episcopal church
  • Compare the Methodist Church and the Episcopal Church
  • The Episcopal (Anglican) Church research papers show the Episcopal Church has a long history, beginning in England. On November 11, 1534, the Statute of Supremacy was passed by the British Parliament, which declared that the King was sovereign over Church and state. With the passing of this new law, King Henry the VIII replaced the Pope as head of Church affairs.

Episcopal Church

Background on the Episcopal Church

The actions of Parliament were inspired by King Henry the VIII, who was unhappy with the Catholic Church’s position on divorce. The King was seeking a divorce from his wife, Katherine of Arragon, whom he married in the year 1509. The King’s attempt to usurp Church authority came at a time when the country was already in a state of turmoil. At the time the King made his move to gain control of both church and state he cared little for the chaos his actions would cause, or in strengthening Christian faith. His sole goal was to create the means to solve his own personal problem.

England and the Episcopal Church

The King’s actions severely undermined the established religious order in England yet it also set the groundwork for the establishment of a new religious order and the Episcopal Church. Queen Mary attempted to restore the old religion once she ascended the throne, yet her efforts for the most part failed. Under the reign of Elizabeth, political and ecclesiastical stability was reestablished to some degree yet the English monarch retained control of the English Church.

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