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Environmental Politics Research Papers

Environmental politics is an academic discipline that explores the relationship between practical politics and environmental issues. It is an extension of earlier work in conservationism and preservationism, seeking to raise awareness of environmental issues as a crisis for humanity, demanding radical transformation. Let Paper Masters help you with a custom written research paper on Environmental Politics.

Environmental Politics

Environmental Politics and Academia

Individuals who have to write research papers on environmental politics at the university level frequently have backgrounds in such organizations as the Peace Corps, or have concern regarding the challenges of sustainable development as man’s impact on the environment becomes clearer. Much of the sub-focus in academia includes areas of:

In writing on environmental politics, attention is given to topics such as the United States" energy policy, as well as its climate change policy and steps that being taken on national, state and local levels to comply with both federal regulations and the stipulations of the Kyoto Agreement. The growth of various “Green” Parties across Europe is a key development in environmental politics, built on the four pillars of ecological wisdom, grass roots democracy, nonviolence and social justice. While there is a growing “green” movement in the United States, its rigid two-party system has so far precluded any official Green Party participating in government.

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