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Entrepreneurship Business Plan

Paper Masters shows you how to write a research paper that examines an entrepreneurial business plan. Use this outline or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Entrepreneurship assignments are common at the university level. We custom write all topics such as this one which asks for you to create a Business Plan with a Power point presentation that would be appropriate for a presentation with a bank or potential investor.

Entrepreneurship Business Plan Requirements

When writing your entrepreneurship research paper, be sure that each Heading immediately follows the previous - do not start them on new pages.Entrepreneurship

The sections of the plan (internal headings) should include the following aspects of discussing entrepreneurship through research:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Vision and Mission Statement
  3. Industry overview
  4. Business Strategy
  5. Product/Service (please include Customer Benefits, warranties and guarantees, Uniqueness, and product or service features)
  6. Marketing Strategy
  7. Location & Layout
  8. Competitor Analysis
  9. Management Team – brief description (do not do full resumes, but just a description of the skills they bring to the business. Include a manager or partner if need at start up.
  10. Plan of Operation- describe in half to one page what “operations” will be entailed
  11. Financial Forecasts
    1. Do an overview of what some typical start up costs would be – use the Internet to get costs per square foot, some ideas about insurance and utilities
    2. Do a Pro forma (your estimate of what you might have) Balance sheet for the end of a year one with general headings (at least 4 assets and 6 liability categories) – these should each be about a page long
  12. Request for Funds or Investment – a paragraph or two of how you would accumulate your needed start up funds
  13. Reference Page

Other Requirements needed for Entrepreneurship Research Paper

  1. These all should total no less than 10 – not counting the title page and reference page, single spaced, some space around each heading, on a continuous run of each heading after another.
  2. Any sources used are to be cited at the point of use and referenced at the end of the business plan. Do not exceed more than 20% of the paper in direct word for word quotes.

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION- 10 slides. The slide should have bulleted key points and be easy to read with a professional look. It should be designed to be used with a potential partner or financial source as a presentation on the business idea.

Be sure to cover 5 basic areas:

  1. The company background and its products or services
  2. A market analysis and a description of the opportunities it presents
  3. The company’s competitive edge and the marketing strategies it will use to promote that edge
  4. The management team and its members qualifications and experience
  5. A financial analysis that shows lenders and investors an attractive payback or payoff.

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