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English Reformation Research Papers

English reformation research papers are custom written and may be on any aspect of the reformation you wish. Compare and contrast the English Reformation with the German Reformation for a world history or religious studies research paper. Whatever you decide to write on, Paper Masters will help you learn the important topics of the English Reformation.

The English Reformation began with the 16th Century, when the changing face of religious sovereignty cast a shadow over all of Europe and the 1530s saw momentous change in England with the reign of Henry VIII. England experienced a move towards Protestantism that excited direct revolt and the creation of an “evangelical program” within the walls of government.  Led by the religious adviser Oliver Cromwell and by the King’s wife, Anne Boleyn, sweeping reform was implemented in England.

English Reformation

Cromwell and the English Reformation

Thomas Cromwell stepped into the position of King Henry’s religious adviser after the ousting of Cardinal Wosley.  Wosley had served Henry well but his lust for the approval of the Papacy did not meld with Henry’s determination to divorce.  Cromwell, on the other hand, had a careful plan for the evangelical path of England under his direction.

As for Anne Boleyn, her ties to the court of France may explain her strong evangelical leaning. A firm indication of Protestant sympathies can be seen in her reverent “enthusiasm” for the translation of the Bible, a key issue in the reformation.  Although firmly linked to Thomas Cromwell, even he could not save her from Henry VIII’s destructive anger towards his wives that could bare him no children.

English Reformation And Europe

The English revolt from Rome differed from the revolts in Germany, Switzerland, and France in two respects.

  1. England was a compact nation with a strong central government.
  2. Instead of splitting the country into regional factions or parties and ending in civil war, the revolt was national; ­the king and Parliament acted together in transferring to the king the ecclesiastical jurisdiction previously exercised by the pope.

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