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English Civil War

World history research papers cover a period in British history known as the English Civil War. The English Civil War was a series of battles and maneuvers between Roundheads and Cavaliers between the years 1642 and 1651. In many ways the English Civil War was, in fact, a revolution, as led to the deposing of the monarchy and the establishment of the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. Paper Masters will custom write you an English Civil War research paper that focuses on any aspect of this era of Great Britains' history.

Main focus for the British

Research papers on the English Civil War illustrate that there were two main areas of focus for the British:English Civil War

  1. The main focus of the English Civil War was regarding the governance of England. Under Charles I, the second king of the Stuart Dynasty, English Parliamentarians (Roundheads) grew suspicious of Charles’ attempts to unite England and Scotland under his rule.
  2. Secondary were concerns that Charles had married a Roman Catholic, and that his heir would be raised in that religion. Fighting over finances with Parliament only served to further Charles’ unpopularity, and for over a decade Charles refused to call for a Parliament.

In 1640, Charles was forced to call a Parliament in order to deal with a rebellion in Scotland. The would be known as the Long Parliament, and proved hostile to Charles. According to the English Civil War Society of America, fighting broke out in 1642, and in 1646 Charles was imprisoned. Fighting continued while it was debated if Charles should be tried for treason. He was beheaded in 1649, and the rule of England fell under the Protectorate, a military dictatorship government run by Oliver Cromwell. However, the Stuarts were invited back to England not long after Cromwell’s death in 1660, the period known as the Restoration.

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