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Energy Efficient Building Research Papers

Energy efficient building discussed in research papers examine what it takes to construct buildings in light of conserving natural resources and energy.

Energy efficient building research papers illustrate that building with energy efficiency in mind reduces long-term corporate expenditures and can contribute to net profits.  However, there are concerns in producing energy efficient buildings, such as:

  1. The measures necessary to construct an energy-efficient building require a higher initial capital outlay in terms of cost of materials and additional construction time.  Energy Efficient Building
  2. Energy-efficient building has often served as a deterrent to maximizing energy efficiency in the construction process, and is largely due to the failure to account for the long-term energy savings in the capital budgeting process that result from higher efficiency.
  3. Retrofitting existing structures with energy efficient materials and methods is even more costly. 


Based on the theoretical model of a building of a single cubic foot, it is possible to develop a baseline estimate of the costs and savings that can be produced from incorporating more efficient energy conservation systems into new building construction.  The model can be then extended to form the basis for a cost and savings comparison for any size building.  The model demonstrates that there is greater economic savings for a commercial building when energy conservation methods are employed.

The Design of Energy Efficient Buildings

In the design of energy efficient buildings, it is important to note that only a minority of individuals has a sufficiently developed sense of environmental responsibility to significantly alter their energy consumption behaviors.  This applies both to the corporation itself that is engaged in operating commercial buildings and to the employees that must use any environmentally friendly features in the construction design that result in the conservation of energy.  A number of studies suggest that action regarding environmental issues is prompted by either external threat or possibility of reward.

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