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Endymion Research Papers on John Keats' Romantic Poem

Research papers on Endymion by John Keats can focus on the romantic aspects of the poem, the Miltonic style of the poem or you may want to compare and contrast Keats' romantic works versus his other styles. Paper Masters will explicate any John Keats poem you need explained in a custom research paper.

By the time Keats’ long verse poem “Endymion: A Poetic Romance” was published in 1818, the Romantic program had largely been established and there were a number of artists working in romanticism in literature. Despite the fact that “Endymion” embodies many of the Romantic preoccupations, it was harshly criticized upon publication, and Keats later abandoned the Miltonic style that he had employed throughout the poem. Literature research papers on Endymion illustrate that Keats was one of the greatest of Romantic Poets. Endymion

Keats' greatest romantic poems include:

Although his later works were written in a more organic mode, Keats did not abandon the principle thematic concerns of Endymion.  Clearly, one of the chief preoccupations of the poem is with romantic and erotic love. Another important theme in the poem is the quest for ideal beauty and love. The romantic and erotic love in Endymion is represented in a way that signals not only the heightened sensuality of Romanticism, but also the linkage between romantic and erotic love and the creative process and the power of the imagination to change the parameters of the experienced world. Endymion’s quest for love is equated with the creative imagination and its constant search for enlightenment, which is embodied physically in this poem through the recurrent images of sun and moonlight. In this way, Keats merges two of the major preoccupations of Romanticism, namely, the privileging of the sensual as well as the unique mechanism of the creative imagination.

Ideal beauty, which was a major theme throughout Keats’ entire oeuvre, plays a major role in Endymion as well. Two significant interpretations can be made of the role of ideal beauty in the piece, both of which deal with the protracted Garden of Eden system of allegory that is present in the poem. As discussed previously, the longing for a past age or era is a trope that runs throughout Romantic art. This trope is represented in Keats’ classical choice of subject matter, as well as in the repeated references to an idyllic state that resembles biblical descriptions of a prelapsarian Eden, the quintessential “golden era.”

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