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EMT Courses

Emergency Medical Technicians are a growing field in the United States healthcare industry. EMTs, or ambulance technicians, are trained to respond to an emergency situation, including accidents and traumatic injuries. EMTs are more than just ambulance drivers, and are certified by each state to varying levels of training. EMT courses are offered at a variety of educational institutions, providing training that allows a person to deliver pre-hospital care.

EMT course provide both classroom and field training. Upon the completion of an EMT course of training, a student must then pass a written examination. EMT Courses

  • EMT courses are designed to familiarize individuals with the various roles that an emergency medical technician plays within the healthcare field.
  • They also provide a general understanding of some of the correct medical terminologies.
  • Depending on the level of certification, EMT courses can last between 110 and 120 hours for basic certification, up to 1000 or more hours for paramedics.

A basic EMT course can have a person trained and certified in just a few months. EMT courses teach how to provide basic and advanced life support to an individual, often while waiting for a paramedic to arrive on scene. Many firefighters in the United States also take EMT courses as a means of widening their skill set and help save lives. It is widely believed that the demand for EMTs across the United States will continue to grow in the coming years.

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