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Empirical-Analytical Inquiry Research Projects

When you order graduate or Master's level research from Paper Masters, we have our writers with at least a Master's Degree custom write your project. One type of quantitative research that our writers do frequently is empirical-analytical inquiry based studies. Need help with your empirical-analytical inquiry study? Have Paper Masters help you today - Our writers know what you need in research.

Empirical-analytical inquiry, also referred to as quantitative research, is the method of research favored by most scientists because it theoretically provides for less ambiguity than interpretive methods, which allow for personal bias and a priori formed misconceptions to influence one’s study. Such quantitative research includes the following:

  1. Descriptive research - provides factual reporting and does not attempt to control any variables;
  2. Correlational research - examines the relationships among variables;
  3. Causal-comparative research - analyzes cause-and-effect relationships among groups of variables;
  4. Experimental research - independent variables are manipulated while their impact on dependent variables is studiedEmpirical-Analytical Inquiry

In empirical-analytical research the researcher analyzes a specific subject, either a subject of nature or an otherwise tangible and well-defined variable, in an attempt to elicit quantitative and measurable facts.  In empirical-analytical types of research papers, research is then communicated by reporting of facts and figures, and interpreting such data, sometimes comparatively, but in a purely detached and non-biased manner.

Challenges to empirical-analytical research arise from disagreements on experimental design, classification methods and measuring procedures.  Further, while the detachment of such research from any affective or cognitive dimensions allows for a scientific pureness that is lacking from other methods, such inquiry cannot satisfactorily explain phenomena that deviate from simple, physical rules.

Format of a Typical Empirical-Analytical Research Proposal

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction: (should meet all these questions)
    • Intent of project is clear?
    • Importance of the study is justified?
    • Has relevant literature been reviewed and discussed?
    • Is previous work connected to the present study?
    • Is statement of hypotheses clear and explicit?
    • Material logically organized?
    • Material properly cited?
  4. Method: (Participant, Apparatus or material, Procedures, Ethical considerations include concent form in appendix, research design and plan for data analysis)
    (should meet all these questions)
    • Selection, assignment and description of participants/subjects appropriate?
    • Procedures clear, logical, and complete?
    • Measures/manipulation clearly operationalized and specified completely?
    • Do measures/manipulation seem valid and well designed/selected?
    • Is design specified and appropiate to the research situation?
    • Does data analysis plan correspond to hypothesis and variables under study?
    • Are Ethical issues addressed? 
    • The proposal shoul EXCLUDE the Result and the Discussion sections.
  5. References
  6. Appendices
  • Overall formatting correct (e.g.,title page, abstract, headers, headings).
  • References complete (correspond to citations in text)
  • References in APA format
  • Writing clear and correct grammatically, and typos minimized.

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