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The civilization of ancient Egypt lasted for more than 5,000 years.  Generally, when one thinks of this great civilization, images of pyramids, hieroglyphics, and mummified Pharaohs laid to rest in ornate sarcophagus’s comes to mind.  What may be surprising to some is that the Egyptians were not only masterful scientists and mathematicians, they were also extremely skilled and gifted morticians.  In fact much of what the Egyptians are historically remembered for is their religion and burial rites.  Overall, when it comes to precision and diligence of dealing with death and the after-life, ancient Egyptians still have one of the most complex and intricate systems of religion in history.  EgyptWhile it is true that daily life for most Egyptians centered around the tasks of raising a family and earning a living, the religion and burial rites of the ancient Egyptians were at the heart of this unique society.

Daily life for most Egyptians is remarkably analogous to early 1900s ghetto life in America.  Most ancient towns consisted of modest houses cramped together along narrow alleys and were often full of children and families.  Since there were no sanitation facilities, disposing of household garbage, battling rodents and fetching water were typically the daily concerns of the Egyptian household.  Women were generally regulated to domestic tasks, such as fetching water for the household, washing clothes and housecleaning; while men often sought work outside of the home, as construction sites and brickyards were often key employers .

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