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Research Paper on the Effects of World War I

World history research often looks at the effects of World War I and how it changed the geography of Europe. Paper Masters can custom write a research paper on any topic having to do with the effects of WWI. Our history experts will tailor your research paper along the lines of any aspect of World War I you need explored and explained in any size research paper.

The effects of World War I had major positive implications in Europe in the following ways:

  • WWI demonstrated the concerted power and authority of recognizably democratic nations over those ruled by dictators.
  • WWI illustrated the disparity between the opposing sides in broad terms that are both politically and socially identifiable and unmistakable.
Effects of World War I

Post World War I

Post World War I Europe and its citizens were no longer convinced of the legitimacy of dynastic rule or loyalty but rather were faced with and receptive to the concept of recognizable and advanced ethnicity and independent or autonomous nationality. Unfortunately, the newness of a climate of openness and independence, or at least the hope of it promoted by the war, would be confounded as well as tempered by its political effects, economic and social effects.

The effects of World War I are often inherently opposed to the initial hopes and responses of those that are involved, both for those that consider themselves victorious and those that concede to their loss. However, such effects of World War I are far more difficult to deal with by those who expect significant positive changes as the result of victory, whether theirs or those of societies or countries that surrounded them.

The Outbreak of World War I

The outbreak as well as the effects of World War I no doubt had millions of European citizens preparing for how they would respond to the hopefully positive political, economic and social changes that its culmination would reveal. Unfortunately, those changes were often not what was expected or were, in the end, manifested in Europe.

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