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Effects of Global Warming

It is accepted by the vast majority of scientists, and significant number of the general population, that there are numerous effects of global warming that are harmful to human existence and the environment. Most of the effects of global warming are the result of the release of greenhouse gases.

Effects of Global Warming

Some of the more obvious effects of global warming are the retreat of glaciers. This is the result of the overall warming of the planet, including the rise of the ocean’s temperatures. Other effects include the shrinking of Arctic/Antarctic sea ice, including the disappearance of the North Polar ice cap in the summer.

Another example of the effects of global warming is the development of more extreme weather events. Most obvious are the increase in warmer days, but also more intense droughts and more violent tropical cyclones (hurricanes). It is projected that in the near future, human beings will experience more very hot days and fewer cold days.

More important to human civilization, the effects of global warming will have a serious impact on the food supply. Elevated temperatures, severe droughts and the increase in pests, will result in decreased productivity of essential foods. Further, the global supply of freshwater will result in increasing competition over scarce resources. Such challenges may lead to political destabilization across much of the globe.

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